LiveTracker - Sunday 22 November 2020

Munster SFC final
Cork 0-14 Tipperary 0-17, Pairc Ui Chaoimh, 1.30pm FT

Ulster SFC final
Cavan 1-13 Donegal 0-12, Athletic Grounds, 4pm FT

Christy Ring Cup final
Down 0-22 Kildare 3-16, Croke Park, 4pm FT

Nicky Rackard Cup final
Donegal 3-18 Mayo 0-21, Croke Park, 1.30pm FT


It was a pleasure to bring you this Match Tracker on one of the most dramatic days in GAA history as Cavan and Tipperary upset the odds and advanced to the All-Ireland semi-finals, which mirror those of a century ago. Thanks for reading!


Cavan's inspirational captain Raymond Galligan lifts the Anglo-Celt Cup. What an end to a remarkable day!


Christy Ring Cup final full time: Down 0-22 Kildare 3-16

With all the excitement, I nearly forgot about the Christy Ring Cup final - to Kildare the spoils!


Cavan will face All-Ireland champions Dublin at Croke Park on Saturday week. They were brilliant today and deserve their first rest in over a month.


What an incredible achievement for Mickey Graham and his men! I can't emphasise how much better than Donegal they were in this game. And isn't it amazing that on the weekend that we remember Bloody Sunday, Cavan and Tipperary join Dublin and Mayo in the All-Ireland semi-finals - the same four teams that were there in 1920!


Ulster SFC final full time: Cavan 1-13 Donegal 0-12

Cavan have stunned the holders to win the Ulster title for the first time since 1997. They did it the hard way, coming through the preliminary round, winning four games in successive weekends. They were magnificent today and are thoroughly deserving of this victory!


They go for goal again and Murphy volleys the loose ball high and wide.


Donegal go for goal but Cavan clear their lines...


We move into four minutes of injury time! Cavan are on the verge of glory!



Cavan send in a high ball and Patton opts to punch it for some reason. Straight to Madden and he drills it to the net from close range - 1-13 to 0-12!



A chance for Donegal but Langan's effort tails left of the posts and wide. Thomas Galligan then makes an incredible catch to win the mark!


Cavan are winning every ball. If they keep doing that, then how are Donegal going to equalise?



Martin Reilly goes for a killer Cavan goal when he had an easy point on - Patton executes a superb save. Madden sends the rebound wide. Three left and Donegal still trail...


Ulster SFC final: Cavan 0-13 Donegal 0-12

A stunning point from Oisin Kiernan with six minutes left - left-footed from close to the left sideline, an inspirational strike! The Breffni County are back ahead and are back to 15 men as Madden returns!



Jamie Brennan drills a shot at goal but Galligan makes another great stop! McGonigle them fires the equalising point from distance - 0-12 each!


Christy Ring Cup final: Down 0-18 Kildare 3-13

Five between them now thanks to Jack Sheridan.


Ulster SFC final: Cavan 0-12 Donegal 0-11

McKiernan's free restores Cavan's lead with an hour played.



Brilliant play by Cavan culminates in a levelling point from Martin Reilly. They may be down to 14 again right now but they are totally on top!


Christy Ring Cup final: Down 0-18 Kildare 3-12

A Byrne free leaves three between the sides.


Donegal introduce Ciaran Thompson for the last 14 minutes, with McBrearty making way.


Christy Ring Cup final: Down 0-18 Kildare 3-11

Brian Byrne doubles the Kildare lead.



Mogan pulls on the ball soccer style but Raymond Galligan makes the save. It was straight at him.


Black card!

Lightning strikes again for Cavan as Barry Cassidy flashes a black card to Madden for a late challenge. The underdogs are down to 14 men for the second time!


Ulster SFC final: Cavan 0-10 Donegal 0-11

Mass defence from Donegal this time but Madden punishes them with a superb strike on the spin. Cavan more courageous in their shooting. One between the sides at the second water break.



McBrearty's shot drops short and Oisin Kiernan clears the scrambled ball beneath their crossbar.


The Cavan defence is set and Donegal probe...


Ulster SFC final: Cavan 0-9 Donegal 0-11

McGee comes forward and wins a soft free. McBrearty fires it over from outside the D. Not sure why Gerard Smith went down there...


Ulster SFC final: Cavan 0-9 Donegal 0-10

What an inspirational point from distance by James Smith! Cavan are within one again. This game has upset written all over it. The Breffni County have been by far and away the best team so far.


Lethargic, laboured Donegal attacks go nowhere and Cavan come out with the ball. Poor from the holders. At the other end, Cavan patiently work the ball to James Smith and his low drive flies inches outside the left post - so close to a Cavan goal!



Jack Sheridan registers Kildare's third major and they lead Down 3-9 to 0-13!


Ulster SFC final: Cavan 0-8 Donegal 0-10

End to end stuff from both teams but Patton and Raymond Galligan stand firm. Then Thomas Galligan steals secondary possession and thuds over an eighth Cavan point!


Every player except Patton is inside Cavan's half - even Neil McGee is up there prowling. But Cavan clear their lines...


Ulster SFC final: Cavan 0-7 Donegal 0-10

Wide from Langan but an advantage was being played and McBrearty was never going to miss that free.


The second half is underway in Armagh. Donegal need to up their game big time because they have been outfoxed so far and are lucky to be ahead.


While it was 15 against 15, Cavan outscored Donegal by 0-6 to 0-2. The black card strikes again...


Ulster SFC final half time: Cavan 0-7 Donegal 0-9

Donegal lead by two but Cavan have been the best team. The holders got seven of their nine points during the ten-minute period that Killian Brady was off the field for a harsh black card.


Christy Ring Cup final: Down 0-10 Kildare 2-7

Goals the difference so far at Croke Park as Kildare lead by three points at the short whistle.



Paul Divilly with Kildare's second on the stroke of half time - 2-7 to 0-10!


Cavan blood sub Madden is on the field of play for the third time!


Christy Ring Cup final: Down 0-10 Kildare 1-7

McManus ties the scores up again with a minute left in the first half.



Thomas Galligan returns to the fray with a black eye and the No.30 jersey. He took some hit but this is an Ulster final!


Christy Ring Cup final: Down 0-9 Kildare 1-7

McCrickard has it back to a one-point game.



Donegal veteran Michael Murphy surprisingly drills a free off the left upright. Expected him to nail that one.


Christy Ring Cup final: Down 0-8 Kildare 1-7

A brilliant reply from Timmy Penter for Down.


Christy Ring Cup final: Down 0-7 Kildare 1-7

James Burke increases Kildare's lead at Croke Park.


Galligan has blood coming from a cut near his eye. McGonigle's hip caught him in the face - it looked accidental. Cavan have a free-in though and Gearoid McKiernan swings it over.


Killian Brady returns to the action. Cavan were outscored by seven points to one while down to 14 men. Thomas Galligan is down with a nasty head injury now.


Ulster SFC final: Cavan 0-6 Donegal 0-9

Michael Langan wasn't sure what to do after gathering McBrearty's skied effort. In the end, he just spun around and kicked it over the bar!


Ulster SFC final: Cavan 0-6 Donegal 0-8

O'Donnell has the gap back to two. Advantage was being played so he had a free shot there - and those usually go over.



Eoghan Ban Gallagher goes for goal but his shot is saved by Cavan full forward Christopher Conroy. Positions mean nothing in gaelic football these days!


Ulster SFC final: Cavan 0-6 Donegal 0-7

Cavan have some brilliant scoring defenders. Corner back Jason McLoughlin halves their deficit...


Ulster SFC final: Cavan 0-5 Donegal 0-7

Ryan McHugh comes through the middle and mines a nice point. Donegal lead for the first time and Caolan McGonigle doubles their advantage.


Christy Ring Cup final: Down 0-6 Kildare 1-3

And Oisin McManus' point has them level at the first water break.


Christy Ring Cup final: Down 0-5 Kildare 1-3

Pearse Og McCrickard gets the Ardsmen back within the minimum.


So it's five points apiece and we pause for the first water break...


Ulster SFC final: Cavan 0-5 Donegal 0-5

Niall O'Donnell with the latest in a succession of left-footed Donegal scores. Cavan momentum severely disrupted by that black card...


Ulster SFC final: Cavan 0-5 Donegal 0-4

Two in a row for McBrearty. That Killian Brady black card looked harsh. Replays show that the contact was accidental.


Ulster SFC final: Cavan 0-5 Donegal 0-3

Goal chance for Patrick McBrearty but he takes his point.


Black card!

Cavan midfielder Killian Brady pulls his man down after the ball is gone and they are down to 14 men for ten minutes.


Ulster SFC final: Cavan 0-5 Donegal 0-2

The scores are flowing freely in Armagh. Cavan blood sub Conor Madden adds to their tally. Mickey Graham's men have been utterly dominant in the first ten minutes.


Ulster SFC final: Cavan 0-4 Donegal 0-2

If you give Michael Murphy space, that's what he'll do! Trademark score from the Donegal captain.



Tadhg Forde hits the net for Kildare and they lead Down by 1-3 to 0-1 at Croke Park!


Ulster SFC final: Cavan 0-4 Donegal 0-1

From an acute angle, Gerard Smith doubles the gap. All Cavan so far here. Ciaran Brady makes it 4-1 after seven minutes.


Ulster SFC final: Cavan 0-2 Donegal 0-1

Lovely strike on the run off the left boot by Peadar Mogan after Shaun Patton had picked out Eoghan Ban Gallagher. Oisin Kiernan replies immediately.


Very sloppy start from Donegal as they give the ball away more than once. Cavan have settled quickest, but Smith misses the target this time.


Ulster SFC final: Cavan 0-1 Donegal 0-0

James Smith opens the scoring with a superb finish - high and handsome!


Christy Ring Cup final: Down 0-1 Kildare 0-1

But Oisin McManus equalises in the second minute.


Christy Ring Cup final: Down 0-0 Kildare 0-1

David Slattery gets off the mark within seconds.


Game on!

Barry Cassidy throws the ball in. This is the first-ever Ulster final to be played under floodlights.


A minute's silence in the Athletic Grounds for the victims of the Bloody Sunday atrocity in Croke Park 100 years ago. And now it's the national anthem...


If Donegal win, they will be Ulster champions for the eleventh time. Cavan are gunning for their 40th title but have only won one in the last 50 years!


Donegal are appearing in their ninth Ulster final in ten years and are bidding for their first-ever three-in-a-row.


Team news:

Late changes for both Donegal and Cavan. Brendan McCole replaces Ciaran Thompson for Donegal, while James Smith and Conor Smith replace Oisin Pierson and Conor Madden on Cavan's starting XV.


I hope none of the Tipp players get injured during the celebrations... They have a huge match coming up in a fortnight! It's going to be impossible to top that but we still have two more massive matches coming up at 4pm - Cavan V Donegal in the Ulster SFC final and the Christy Ring Cup decider between Down and Kildare.


Conor Sweeney lifts the Cup - the first Tipp man in 85 years to do so. He's now making a speech to his team-mates and those lucky enough to be in Pairc Ui Chaoimh. This is the story of the year if not the story of the decade. What a start to the day!


What an unbelievable story in Pairc Ui Chaoimh! David Power's charges were outstanding; Cork weren't good enough on the day, The Premier County take the silverware and will face Mayo for a place in the All-Ireland final.


Munster SFC final full time: Cork 0-14 Tipperary 0-17

Incredible. Wearing the jerseys of 1920, on the weekend of the anniversary of Bloody Sunday, Tipperary are Munster football champions for the first time since 1935!


Black card

Tipp wing back Bull Maher is off but time is up here...


Nicky Rackard Cup final full time: Donegal 3-18 Mayo 0-21

Donegal come from behind to win the 2020 Nicky Rackard Cup!


Munster SFC final: Cork 0-14 Tipperary 0-17

John O'Rourke closes the gap to three with two minutes of injury time left...


Munster SFC final: Cork 0-13 Tipperary 0-17

Comerford's '45' hits the left upright but substitute Philip Austin is the most alert and he fires over the rebound. We are three minutes into five of injury time and Cork look beaten.


The tension in Pairc Ui Chaoimh is palpable. We are in stoppage time and Tipp have won a '45'...


Munster SFC final: Cork 0-13 Tipperary 0-16

Substitute Cathail O'Mahony nails a pressure Cork free from 45 metres on 69 minutes!


Nicky Rackard Cup final: Donegal 3-17 Mayo 0-21

Donegal have one hand on the silverware at Croke Park, where there are two minutes to go...


Cork's wides tally increases to nine...


On a historic weekend for Tipperary football, the Tipperary footballers are on the verge of history!


Munster SFC final: Cork 0-12 Tipperary 0-16

A huge score for the underdogs as - with five minutes remaining - Comerford comes out of goal and whips over a free from 45 metres. Martin then directs his restart straight to Quinlivan, who lobs a shot from distance onto the top of the crossbar (with the net empty) and over.


Munster SFC final: Cork 0-12 Tipperary 0-14

Substitute White had a sniff of goal but cautiously opts to run the other way and takes his point.


Laboured again from Cork and the shot from distance flies wide. We are in the 63rd minute...


Munster SFC final: Cork 0-11 Tipperary 0-14

Collins clips over another Cork free, Cork introduce their semi-final hero - Collingwood ace Mark Keane. Each side now has an AFL star in their ranks. Ten minutes to go and it's Tipp by three...


Apparently Maurice Deegan ruled out that Tipp goal because Quinlivan had come back off the pitch after running out over the end line. So ... should he have stayed out there forever?


Munster SFC final: Cork 0-10 Tipperary 0-14

Tipp return from the water break with intent and whip over two great quickfire points courtesy of midfielder Liam Casey and that man Sweeney, who is then booked for a late tackle, Collins slotting the free at the other end.


Wide again from the Rebels, Ruairi Deane this time - not even close. Tipp lead by three at the second water break and are on the verge of a historic victory.


Meanwhile, at Pairc Ui Chaoimh, substitute Sean White hits another Cork wide...


Nicky Rackard Cup final: Donegal 1-14 Mayo 0-16

The comeback is complete and the Tir Chonail men lead at the second water break!


Tipp 'keeper Evan Comerford drops a free short and Martin gathers gratefully. Wide from Hurley at the other ends. The scores have dried up.


Nicky Rackard Cup final: Donegal 1-13 Mayo 0-16

Having looked beaten halfway through the first half, Donegal are level.


A difficult Sweeney free from close to the sideline drops short into the arms of Cork custodian Micheal Martin.


Munster SFC final: Cork 0-9 Tipperary 0-12

Hurley with a sweet strike from the right and the Rebels are back within three points on 42 minutes.


The gap is four now but it could so easily have been eight!


Munster SFC final: Cork 0-8 Tipperary 0-12

A huge four-point swing as a decent-looking Tipperary goal is controversially disallowed for a square ball and then Mark Collins pops over a soft Cork free at the other end. Quinlivan had finished the ball to the net after Steven O'Brien's flicked the initial effort onto the crossbar. 


Munster SFC final: Cork 0-7 Tipperary 0-12

Sweeney points an advanced mark at the start of the second half and Cork are no five behind. They have also lost Luke Connolly to injury...


Cork really need to up the ante when the action resumes. If the game continues in the same pattern as the first half, there will only be one winner. Sweeney and Quinlivan have slotted nine points between them thus far.


Nicky Rackard Cup final half time: Donegal 1-8 Mayo 0-14

Mayo looked to be in total control but Donegal finished the half strongest.


Worth noting that David Power's men outscored the Rebels by six points to two in the second quarter.


Munster SFC final half time: Cork 0-7 Tipperary 0-11

Another sumptuous strike from 2016 All Star Quinlivan means the underdogs lead by four at the short whistle! Cork are in trouble here.


Munster SFC final: Cork 0-7 Tipperary 0-10

O'Rourke pulls one back as we move into two minutes of injury time at the end of the first half.


Munster SFC final: Cork 0-6 Tipperary 0-10

Another laboured Cork attack breaks down ominously and Tipp sweep upfield, work the ball to Fahey and he plants it over the bar.


Munster SFC final: Cork 0-6 Tipperary 0-9

The gap is three. An aimless Cork attack peters out and Tipp win a free at the other end. Sweeney takes it from his hands and whips it over off his left foot.



Having said that, Quinlivan has just thumped over an immacualate point off the outside of his right foot from close to the right sideline. Superb!


Munster SFC final: Cork 0-6 Tipperary 0-7

Quinlivan's free edges the Tipp men back ahead. This game has yet to take off but it's evenly-poised. Mayo won't be losing any sleep over facing the winners for a place in the All-Ireland final, that's for sure.


A second wide of the day for Cork full forward Brian Hurley.


Munster SFC final: Cork 0-6 Tipperary 0-6

Colm O'Callaghan equalises and Tipp's Kevin Fahey is booked for a late challenge.


A couple of wides from Sweeney as the underdogs strive to increase their advantage.


Nicky Rackard Cup final: Donegal 0-3 Mayo 0-10

The Mayo hurlers are moving nicely.


Munster SFC final: Cork 0-5 Tipperary 0-6

Quinlivan to Liam Casey with a stunning pass and the midfielder pops his advanced mark over the bar!


Munster SFC final: Cork 0-5 Tipperary 0-5

The hosts ahead for the first team as Connolly converts a very soft free, but Sweeney replies immediately and the sides are level at the first water break.


Munster SFC final: Cork 0-4 Tipperary 0-4

Connolly drills over a '45' after Alan Campbell brilliantly blocks John O'Rourke's effort out wide.


Munster SFC final: Cork 0-3 Tipperary 0-4

A free flies straight through the middle off the trusty boot of Sweeney and Tipp are back in front.


Munster SFC final: Cork 0-3 Tipperary 0-3

Mark Collins bangs over a Cork free from in front of the posts. Ten minutes gone.


Nicky Rackard Cup final: Donegal 0-2 Mayo 0-5

Mayo start best at HQ.


Munster SFC final: Cork 0-2 Tipperary 0-3

From the wrong side, Connolly sweeps over an excellent Cork free from the deck and we are back to a one-point game.


Munster SFC final: Cork 0-1 Tipperary 0-3

Nemo's Luke Connolly opens Cork's account with a superb strike in the fourth minute.


Munster SFC final: Cork 0-0 Tipperary 0-3

The Rebels stand off and Michael Quinlivan says 'thank you very much'. Nice finish with the right foot from 45 yards.


Munster SFC final: Cork 0-0 Tipperary 0-2

Sweeney snaffles his second as Tipp very easily pick holes in the Cork defence.


Munster SFC final: Cork 0-0 Tipperary 0-0

Tipp captain Conor Sweeney gathers Colin O'Riordan's delivery and opens the scoring from an advanced mark.


Game on!

Match referee for the Munster final is Maurice Deegan.


The sun is shining on Leeside as throw-in approaches...

Almost game time

— Cork GAA (@OfficialCorkGAA) November 22, 2020

Team news:

Two changes to the Donegal hurling team: David Flynn replaces Ritchie Ryan and Declan Coulter comes in for Conor O'Grady.


Tipperary are wearing glorious-looking white and green jerseys today as a tribute to Bloody Sunday. It was the jersey worn by Tipp at Croke Park on that tragic day 100 year ago, when Tipperary footballer Michael Hogan was amongst the 14 people murdered.


Team news:

Sydney Swans AFL star Colin O’Riordan comes into the Tipp starting XV in place of Emmet Moloney.


While the Rebels got the better of the Kingdom, the Premier County reached today's decider with battling victories over Clare and Limerick.


This is the first Munster football final between Tipp and Cork since 2002, when the Rebels required a replay before taking the silverware. There will be no replays this year, of course.


In just over 15 minutes, the first two of today's games will start. Cork, having dumped out holders Kerry in the semi-final, lock horns with Tipperary in the 2020 Munster SFC final at Pairc Ui Chaoimh and Donegal take on Mayo in the Nicky Rackard Cup final at Croke Park.


This unique championship season is hurtling towards its climax and the games are getting bigger by the day!


HC All-Ireland finals:

Meanwhile, there's a massive hurling double header at Croke Park, where Donegal and Mayo contest the Nicky Rackard Cup final at 1:30 and Down lock horns with Kildare in the Christy Ring Cup final at 4.



The field challenging for the Sam Maguire Cup will be reduced from six to four as both the Ulster SFC and Munster SFC finals take place. At Pairc Ui Chaoimh at 1:30, Cork and Tipperary collide in a novel Munster decider, while Donegal take on Cavan at the Athletic Grounds at 4pm in a repeat of last year's Anglo-Celt Cup decider.


Finals Sunday:

Four big finals go down for decision today, two in football and two in hurling.

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