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All-Ireland U16 hurling rolls of honour

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Wicklow have a good history in hurling. Did you know in 1967, Wicklow were in 4 All-Ireland hurling finals in the one year:
All-Ireland Junior Hurling: Wicklow 3-15 : London 4-04
All-Ireland Under-21 Special hurling: Roscommon 2-10 : Wicklow 2-09
All-Ireland Minor 'C' hurling: Wicklow 5-05 : Down 3-04
All-Ireland Under-16 ''B hurling: Down beating Wicklow (I don't have the score)

Winning two and losing two is a great achievement, they were in every final at every possibly grade (Bar Senior) that year

Tippsno1fan (Tipperary) - Posts: 26 - 21/05/2013 19:22:59    1388555


Tippsno1fan. In the late 80s-mid 1990s we sent very good teams to the Tony Forristal Tournament in Waterford. Mainly we played in the Sonny Walsh Cup. Lost the 1989 Final to Waterford B. I played in the 1993 Tournament. I think by 1995 we were put back in the C Tournament. They definitely won that in 1996. Leighton Glynn was captain v Down in the Final

Wicklowman (Wicklow) - Posts: 1057 - 21/05/2013 20:26:48    1388597


Wicklowman, Wicklow have won 3 in the Under-14 'C', 1996, 2007 & 2008. Still only the current team to have won back to back C competitions if I am not mistaken.

Tippsno1fan (Tipperary) - Posts: 26 - 22/05/2013 12:03:43    1388852


In the All Ireland Under 16 C. In 1982 Longford beat Sligo in the Final in Croke Park and in 1983 Leitrim beat Longford in the final in Croke Park It was called the Willwood Tailteann competition then.

scorbeo (Leitrim) - Posts: 2 - 30/05/2015 09:48:22    1730174


1989 u16 B all Ireland final was between Meath and Wicklow, Meath won by a few points!

Petes (Meath) - Posts: 1 - 15/10/2020 20:56:12    2297886


Replying To CastleBravo:  "The under 16 B roll of honour is:
68 Offaly 69 Carlow 70/71 Laois 73/74 Kildare 75 Roscommon 76 Kerry 77 Not held 78 Down 79 Laois 80 Hot held 81 Westmeath 82 Down
83 Down 84 Derry 85 Down 86 Westmeath 87 Antrim 88 Roscommon 89 Meath 90 Antrim 91 Westmeath 92 Kildare 93 Antrim 94 Kerry
95 Antrim 96 Kerry 97 Antrim 98 Kerry 99 Kerry 2000 Antrim 01 Meath 02 Kildare 03 Antrim 04 Antrim 05 Carlow 06 Carlow 07 Laois
08 Kerry 09 Laois 10 Westmeath 11 Westmeath.

Off the top of my head....."
Fair play to yourself and Tippno1 enough respect hasn't been given by GAA to these competitions. The Under 16 B All Ireland has been held in Westmeath for a number of years now not 2020 sometimes when we have a good enough team to go to Arrabawn with us not even competing.

jobber (Westmeath) - Posts: 830 - 16/10/2020 07:16:29    2297933


Replying To Tippsno1fan:  "Would anyone know the winners of the the following years in The All-Ireland Under-16 Hurling 'B' & 'C'. I am doing GAA research and I am one of the editors of the Tippgaaarchives website. I am trying to find every All-Ireland title in hurling and football ever and I am having trouble with these:

All-Ireland Under-16 hurling 'B' (AKA Under-16 average counties hurling, Under-16 special 'B' hurling)
1972: Roscommon v Laois (Don't know the winner)
1974: Derry v Kildare (Don't know the winner)
1977: No sign of any competition
1983: No sign of any competition
1985: No sign of any competition
1988: Roscommon / Derry / Kildare / Antrim (Don't know finalists or winner)
1989: Wicklow v Kerry/Meath (Don't know the other finalist or winner)
1990: Don't know the finalists or winner)
1993: Antrim v Down (Don't know the winner)
2000: Carlow v Antrim (Don't know the winner)
2003: Antrim v Meath (Don't know the winner)
2004: Carlow v Antrim (Don't know the winner)

All-Ireland Under-16 hurling 'C' (AKA Under-16 Weaker oounties hurling, Under-16 Special 'C' hurling)
1971: Armagh v Sligo (Don't know the winner)
1974: Mayo v ????? (Don't know the other finalist or winner)
1975-1981: No Sign of any competition
1985: No sign of any competition
1991: Mayo v Tyrone (Don't know the winner)
1993: Armagh v Louth (Don't know the winner)
1995: Armagh v Lonford (Don't know the winner)
1996: Armagh v Antrim (Don't know the winner)
1998: Armagh v ????? (Don't know the other finalist or winner)
2003: No Sign of any competition

Also, there are a few Vocational schools hurling and football 'B' I cannot find:

All-Ireland Vocational Schools Inter-county hurling 'B'
1995-1998: No Sign of any competition
2003-2005: No Sign of any competition
2008, 2010 or 2011: No Sign of any competition

All-Ireland Vocational Schools Inter-county football 'B'
2007, 2010 or 2011: No sign of any competition

If I can get these, I will have found every All-Ireland inter county ever made and there are some people on this who know their stuff."
The fact that the results of these, especially those ones that happened in the internet age, is nothing short of a scandal. Good work. Good luck!

Tacaí Liatroma (Leitrim) - Posts: 572 - 18/10/2020 17:27:58    2298817