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With DC retiring, incredulously some punters on his thread, claiming that he was the best of this generation, got me wondering who do people really think has been the greatest player over the last 15 years. Not looking for a player like a Graham Geraghty or a David Clifford. Someone who has played the majority of 2005-2020.

So public vote, one name only.

Michael Murphy.

Kepak10 (Meath) - Posts: 153 - 02/10/2020 13:45:27    2295273


Stephen Cluxton of course.

TheUsername (Dublin) - Posts: 3671 - 02/10/2020 13:58:35    2295274


Stephen Cluxton

superbluedub (Dublin) - Posts: 2113 - 02/10/2020 14:00:34    2295276


Cluxton by a good bit

centerfield (Mayo) - Posts: 327 - 02/10/2020 14:11:23    2295278


Michael Murphy, what that man has achieved and what he's done for football in Donegal is amazing.

KingdomBoy1 (Kerry) - Posts: 11732 - 02/10/2020 14:14:14    2295281


Michael Murphy.

I can remember his first touch in a Donegal senior jersey aged 17 in a qualifier away to Leitrim in 2007. Won the ball out in front, turned and blasted it to the roof of the net.

13 years later he's still at it.

Lockjaw (Donegal) - Posts: 7075 - 02/10/2020 14:22:31    2295286


Sean Cavanagh.

GreenandRed (Mayo) - Posts: 5955 - 02/10/2020 14:43:05    2295296


Murphy-Cluxton. ;)

TheFlaker (Mayo) - Posts: 6893 - 02/10/2020 14:54:40    2295300


Stephen Cluxton or Michael Murphy for me.

To pick one I'll go biased against the Dub and pick Murphy.

Really has it all as a footballer. I can't think of any real weakness to his game. A perfect footballer.

MesAmis (Dublin) - Posts: 13145 - 02/10/2020 15:03:37    2295302


James McCarthy

lilypad (Kildare) - Posts: 1357 - 02/10/2020 15:03:40    2295303


Got to be Henry Shefflin. Possibly the best ever never mind this generation

Breezy (Limerick) - Posts: 1106 - 02/10/2020 15:07:01    2295304


Suppose I'm a bit biased but has to be Michael Murphy for me, what he has done for his club and county has been amazing and I don't think we'll ever see his likes again. He was county captain at 21, fantastic leader and I hope we have some more great days from him before he hangs up the boots too.

Tirchonaill1 (Donegal) - Posts: 1076 - 02/10/2020 15:08:34    2295305



Jackeen (Dublin) - Posts: 3976 - 02/10/2020 15:17:16    2295309


Replying To Breezy:  "Got to be Henry Shefflin. Possibly the best ever never mind this generation"
Carey was better

centerfield (Mayo) - Posts: 327 - 02/10/2020 16:32:30    2295328



In that order.

Omitting Gooch and Cavanagh as they've retired and Clifford as he's only starting out.

cavanman47 (Cavan) - Posts: 4135 - 02/10/2020 16:37:56    2295331


cluxton by a mile, murphy next followed by brogan

Stmunnsriver (Wexford) - Posts: 1925 - 02/10/2020 17:23:27    2295337


Has to be other player has had such an influence in the game and the changes the way it's played.

yew_tree (Mayo) - Posts: 10339 - 02/10/2020 17:27:58    2295338



ConnollyDub (Dublin) - Posts: 1922 - 02/10/2020 17:42:46    2295340


Replying To yew_tree:  "Has to be other player has had such an influence in the game and the changes the way it's played."
Thats a line that gets thrown out there repeatedly and I think it's way off the mark.

I've copied the below from one of my previous posts. . .

o be honest, the notion that he "revolutionized the role" of a goalkeeper or the game is wide of the mark yet it constantly gets thrown out there by pundits.

He came into the Dublin team in 01 and was the same as any other keeper. It was a 15 v 15 game so kick it long and let the midfielders battle it out was the order of the day.

Dublin lost the 02 all ireland semi final by a point to Armagh (Ray cosgrove hit the post with a late free).

Fast forward to 05 and yes, Cluxton and Shane Ryan struck up a partnership. Ryan was playing in midfield but wasnt a traditional 6'4" fetcher. Instead, he would make a looping run across the field and then towards Cluxton. The centre back (Brian Cullen) would pull his man to one side, and Cluxton would ping the ball into Ryan's path. It was guaranteed possession.

But not everyone followed suit. In fact, nobody did. Ryan was a good player, an all star, but he wasn't a match winner. Him getting the ball inside his own 65 and facing his own goals wasnt really any great advantage to Dublin. In fact, thru 08, 09 and early 2010, Dublin suffered hammerings at the hands of Tyrone, Kerry and Meath. Remember they had lost the 02 semi final by a point. 8 years later they were no further on.

But after the Meath game, Pat Gilroy used the qualifiers to completely change Dublin's set-up. They became defensive and very tough to beat. In fact, I think they'd have won the all ireland had it not been for a Lazarus like comeback from Cork in the semi final.

Move on to 2011, Dublin won Leinster and faced Tyrone in the quarter finals. Diarmuid Connolly shot the lights out and suddenly Dublin looked the real deal. They were expected to trounce Donegal in the semi final. But Donegal and Jim Mc had other ideas.

He deployed the blanket to end all blankets. And Gilroy responded. Instead of falling into Donegal's trap, Dublin sat back too, and suddenly any time Cluxton or Paul Durkin put the ball on the tee, they had the option of a 70yard kick into a crowded midfield or a simple dink to an unmarked corner or wing back. They took the latter option each time.

Dublin eventually won out 0-08 to 0-06 in one of the worst spectacles gaelic football has offered up in recent memory.

But that game changed gaelic football for most of the decade that followed - suddenly every manager throughout the country (with the very rare exception) decided sweepers and blanket defences were the way to be competitive. The sport became like a game of chess and you worked the ball up the pitch and only shot when you had a clear sight of goal.

Now goalkeepers faced less shots on goal and less dropping balls. And when they put the ball on the tee, they suddenly had 7 backs in front of them being marked by 5 forwards (sometimes less). The keeper's main job now was to pick out the free corner or wing back standing unmarked on the wing.

Cluxton, of course, was well able to do this, as was Durkin and a few others. And any new keeper coming into a county team had to be able to do the same. But it wasn't the 2005 Cluxton that people were emulating - every keeper, Cluxton included, were adjusting to the new era of defence first, possession play.

cavanman47 (Cavan) - Posts: 4135 - 02/10/2020 17:50:10    2295342


Cluxton and JJ Delaney

wexico15 (Wexford) - Posts: 2602 - 02/10/2020 18:11:21    2295345