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Replying To Farney:  "Are we going to have live streaming of all the League\Championship matches since we can't get into the grounds? If it can be done at club level, it should be able to be done at county level."
The quality of the streaming in Leitrim has been brilliant with great camera work and superb commentary and interviews with John Lynch supported by the knowledgeable Martin Mc Gowan

joeman123 (Leitrim) - Posts: 196 - 25/09/2020 19:10:00    2294099


Streaming is the single best thing to come out of this Covid era. People in all corners of the globe can watch club games with excellent picture quality and without having to pay crazy Sky Sports type subscription fees. It is a revolution. I'd also echo the compliments about Leitrims coverage. Not sure how many more Longford men we can spare to be training club teams to county finals up there though!

arcadia (Longford) - Posts: 163 - 25/09/2020 20:06:50    2294106