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Replying To GreenandRed:  "It's not my idea, it's a fact that HSE staff can jump the Q for shops if they wish, a lot of them don't. My wife is a HSE carer. Herself and 36 of her colleagues tested positive and 4 residents died from COVID. Thankfully she's grand now. Your putting emphasis there on HSE staff that come in contact with patients. What about those that schedule appointments, enforce cleanliness and social distancing protocols, health are workers not employed by the HSE? It's a lot more than HSE staff, including those that stayed at home to help contain the virus, that deserve thanks. I honestly think there's some HSE staff who are nearly embarrassed by some preferential treatment or shop discounts they are offered. Though I can see why businesses can advertise it hoping for some goodwill from customers."
Yes they are very embarrassed and I don't blame them

lilypad (Kildare) - Posts: 1357 - 16/07/2020 16:46:25    2284238


Replying To McFan88:  "Vast majority of GPs saw a dramatic reduction in patient contact time, vast majority of HSE workers never came into contact with any covid patients. I am not for a second disputing that HSE workers provide an essential service to society and I'm all for improved pay and conditions but the notion that anyone employed by the HSE should get free entry is ill thought out nonsense. The exact same can be said for your idea that anyone with a HSE badge should be allowed jump the que in shops or get preferential treatment of any kind."
The jump the que thing was for essential workers and old people and the reason was because in place like Limerick the que for the shop could be up to an hour long or more so the idea was most people could afford to wait or go off peak cause they were off work but the essential workers couldnt.

In saying that I almost never used my HSE pass for shopping

Breezy (Limerick) - Posts: 1106 - 16/07/2020 17:41:25    2284241