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Replying To Whammo86:  "
Replying To oneoff:  "Replying To KingdomBoy1: "100% Htaem, we have to look at the championship in football like the FA Cup in English soccer as its all in, how often does 1 of the non traditional English soccer teams win the FA cup? Not very often.

Exactly, that's what I love about cup football, it affords teams an opportunity to play against the big boys, that league football (while excellent for different reasons) just doesn't.

You're agreeing here with someone who's using the FA CUp as an example are you not?

You keep saying you're ''not not opposed to making changes to the structure of the championship'' yet say nothing as to what these chamges would be.

You also keep going on about the league. That's a totally different competition with nothing to do with the championship at the moment. Why are you and others so obsessed with this idea of teams ''having a right'' to play in the senior championship?"
Because if you're worried about teams getting more games to progress themselves and to win meaningful silverware then the league is the ideal forum for that.

You move the league to the summer and maybe you solve a lot of the problems without having to remove weaker teams from the championship.

If the championship is a knockout competition I don't see why it's a big deal to just include everyone. It adds 1 round.

If you want to make lower level teams earn their right to play the top teams something simple can be done.

Run the league 4 divisions of 8.

When you enter the championship is determined by your league division.

The teams finishing the NFL in division 3 and 4 start in round 1.
Division 2 in round 2.
Division 1 in round 3 (last 16)

If Antrim for instance get a game against a top team they'll have earned their right to be there.

The above takes 13 game weeks to be run, it could be played off in 4 months from April to say August bank holiday weekend.

You're getting a better season. All teams have meaningful matches. Supporters have a better games to go to at a better time of year."
That's a nice neat package.

To free up more time and make league even more exciting, would slightly smaller divs be better ? -
say, 7-7-7-7-4 (6 games per team, 3 home/3 away) -

Or, 6-6-6-6-(4N, 4S) with most teams playing 5 games (6 in div 5) - here, after 5 games, optionally add a top 3/bottom 3 split - 2 more games to determine the 2 up/2 down.

All of what I recommend takes from your neat symmetric 4x8, though.

So you drop the Ulster Championship - or play in the Spring ?

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