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All Ireland - Leinster Championship Draw 2020 - 16 Like(s)

Replying To royaldunne:  "Yeah it's a open draw after the quarter finals are done. Keeps teams interested is the idea behind it. Can't see us not reaching the semis. And then? Well who knows we could be after a great league, would we fear Laois or Kildare? No I think we would beat either. Also dubs? If we have a good game v them in league it will stand to us. I still think we one of the few teams who can put it up to them, apart from our inability to put the bloody ball over the bar this year we matched them in most other areas over 60 mins. So bring them on. Imo we will play them no matter what, be it semifinals or final."
How many more hammerings from Dublin until you finally realise it's pros vs amateurs?

Jack_Goff (Meath) - 08/10/2019 21:36:46

Intermediate Football Championship 2017 - 15 Like(s)
Well done to the ha. Great achievement going from junior to senior. I wonder will certain lads be looking to transfer back to them now? Wouldn't it be funny if they relegated someone like Skyrne next year! Hopefully they can go on a run in Leinster now.

Jack_Goff (Meath) - 26/10/2017 07:20:35

2018 Club Championships - 15 Like(s)
Big win for dunboyne. I genuinely believe they could beat the dub champs.

Jack_Goff (Meath) - 28/10/2018 20:29:37

Meath V Clare - 14 Like(s)

Replying To seadog54:  " A very good article in todays Indo about K Duff where he talks about the battles/wars he had with Meath players over the years. But also has high praise for these same lads who stood behind him through very tough times. "You know it's all these Meath guys that you battled against, these were the main guys that rowed in behind me," says Duff."
Graham Geraghty was public enemy number one as well in his time and got some horrible abuse from the media. Far worse and more personal then what Diarmuid Connolly has gotten. Never seen Geraghty get too much sympathy for it either. It's almost as if it never happened.

Jack_Goff (Meath) - 14/03/2019 13:49:52

Donegal V Meath Rd 2 - 14 Like(s)
We do this almost every year in the league. We'll probably finish third and this is why we don't get promoted. A few years ago we bottled it against donegal in donegal too. A point up and a minute left. Meath had an easy tap over to go 2 up and they went for goal. Donegal equalised with the last kick and that was why we didn't get promoted. Meath will never get back to Div 1 at this rate keeper made a right balls of it.

Jack_Goff (Meath) - 02/02/2019 22:01:36

Meath V Donegal - 14 Like(s)
Would have been great to win a national title in Croker against a decent team, especially in terms of experience for the next big game in Croker. However it's for the best we lost. If we played Dublin we could well be up at half time but there is zero chance our fitness levels would be high enough to sustain the second half onslaught and we'd lose as we've seen many times before. Reality check for the team. Job done and well done but the hard work starts now. Lose to Ofally in Navan and it will be a far bigger disaster then losing to Longford away. If we beat then it's Carlow 2 weeks later in Portlaoise. I'd rate Carlow in championship higher then Ofally and the match can't be taken for granted. The winner of that plays the winner of Westmeath and Laois. Both teams promoted to Division 2. So despite what some fans may think unless the team nuckle down now and drive on they won't make the Leinster final and probably not the super 8's either.

Jack_Goff (Meath) - 01/04/2019 15:38:17

Meath V Clare - 14 Like(s)
I like Thomas O'Reilly too. Strong lad who has potential. Was it him who held the ball up the corner for a good 20 seconds near the end before passing it back to a free player. You need strong lads like that who won't be disposed easily.

Jack_Goff (Meath) - 18/03/2019 13:41:05

Tactics if Meath play Dublin next year? - 13 Like(s)

Replying To Crinigan:  "Nobody can compete with Dublin because they are a professional team and are funded to the tune of millions by the GAA, the government (5 million under Bertie's govt), AIG , Aer Lingus etc. Its a ridiculous and frankly laughable situation...they are like a combo of PSG/Man City/Chelsea playing every game at home, in the Vauxhall Conference. I'd rather Meath didn't enter a team in the senior championship until the GAA find a way of reversing this gross injustice and we just focused on developing our club championship, coaching and facilities so that in 5-10 years time we can compete. If you find that completely unbelievable, just wait until you see the amount of big name players that are going to drop off the Meath panel in the next couple of months. Intercounty football for the moment is dead."
Now that's an even better suggestion. All leinster counties should boycott the championship until Dublin our made play in a different province each year. So they'd only walk the leinster title every 4 years. Too much damage has been done. At least with them gone you'd have a super competitive leinster championship again.

Jack_Goff (Meath) - 21/09/2017 01:02:30

Meath Vs Mayo - 13 Like(s)

Replying To royaldunne:  "Hi jackoff have you found any dubs looking to transfer to Meath yet???"
You seem to be confusing me with Mr Pott.

Jack_Goff (Meath) - 19/07/2019 16:04:49

Meath V Dublin Leinster Final. - 13 Like(s)
I think I justified not attending. Most meath fans stayed away too. I presume the GAA will provide meath with 1.5m a year in funding now. We need it more then Dublin.

Jack_Goff (National) - 23/06/2019 17:35:16

Will Meath contest an all Ireland this decade? - 13 Like(s)
By 2019 they have a small chance to make an all Ireland final if they avoid Dublin. But they'd be playing Dublin in the final so no chance of winning. Meath if they get to a leinster final over the next few years should play a reserve team against Dublin and rest their main players for the last round of the qualifiers to give them the best chance of an all Ireland quarter final appearance. If they got a lucky draw like roscommon in the quarters and tipp in the semis it would be possible. longshot though.

Jack_Goff (Meath) - 28/08/2017 19:39:49

Dublin's Success Not Down To Money - GAA President - 13 Like(s)

Replying To TheUsername:  "I'd also add allowing us to develop our own ground, with premium and corporate seating, that where the real money is for us."
Nothing stopping you. The money generated by Dublin is a fraction of what it once was in terms of ticket sales. This will only further decrease. The increase in hurling is making up for it somewhat at least. I'd be happy with a GAA that was played between actual counties. Not a province with the funds of a province. It's just pointless at this stage and the gap will widen. Nobody would miss the Dubs if they were removed. It would bring that magic feeling back to the matches that sadly only the hurling fans get now.

Jack_Goff (National) - 03/08/2019 22:29:13

Tactics if Meath play Dublin next year? - 13 Like(s)
If lads are considering travelling next year I'd like to think they will stick around for the league before departing. The league is what really matters. That's when we need them. If they want to travel while we either get beaten by Longford or hammered out the gates then I'd encourage that. And yes if they were dubs they'd probably not be leaving. It's a completely different ball game across the border.

Jack_Goff (Meath) - 21/10/2017 06:08:36

Questions we need answered - 13 Like(s)
The problem is the best players are not committing. The reason is simple. Dublin. And I cant blame them. The gaa didn't give too craps about the likes of meath when Dublin were given all the money needed to become a professional outfit.

Jack_Goff (Meath) - 14/07/2018 22:04:36

Supermac's Call For Investigation Into Galway GAA Sponsorship Spending - 13 Like(s)

Replying To moc.dna:  "Nonsense, there are very few AIG type sponsors out there & obviously you never went looking for sponsorship from any major companies, it's a fantasy to think you will match Dublin's AIG sponsor. In fact trying to get any sponsor now to align their professional reputation & hard earned cash with Galway GAA is going to be very difficult even with changes. There is a toxic culture there & nobody wants to be identified with that. If you think it's raining sponsors who will top Supermacs input especially in the lean years as they did, come back & let us know."
Supermacs are quite generous and yet 5 years from them barely matches 1 year from AIG for Dublin. The rest have no chance of competing in this regard. Cork would be the next closest but still miles behind.

Jack_Goff (National) - 02/10/2019 22:05:51

Tactics if Meath play Dublin next year? - 13 Like(s)

Replying To oldsam_newsam:  "I can see Jack's point but it would never happen, no manager would do that and what would you say to the supporters forking out money tp attend the game. What I WOULD say is that we need to be planning to bring the underage setup unto a new level. Off the top of my head something like this.... 1. Encourage as many clubs as possible to employ a full time coaching officer. I think central GAA will fund 50% and the clubs are asked to pay the other 50%. 2. My proposal is for the Meath board to fund 10 - 20% of the clubs contribution. This could be funded by an online Lotto or similar funded weekly by the likes of US with weekly €2 or €5 subscriptions with a carrot of anyone on the €5 subscription allowed free into club games in the county. 3. These coaching officers to hopefully link with the local schools and WIDEN THE PLAYING BASE. We need as many of the new foreign youngsters playing GAA from an early age and give further encouragement with introductiory memberships of clubs etc. 4. Get a consistent approach across the county and expand the programmes of excellence (and fully repick the players at each stage). Just touching on it there but we need to be expanding our player base big time and really doing a good job at developing the good ones and increasing the numbers involved in development squads big time."
If i was Andy I would do as I suggested above but I'd also go on a big media campaign telling all supporters to boycott the match as a protest to the gaa for the ridiculous financial situation of the last 10 years. At least then when our second team gets a 50 point hammering it will be mostly dubs wasting their money to watch it. And it would actually achieve 2 goals. A protest, whilst preparing the team better for the qualifiers. I'd have so much respect for Andy if he actually did this.

Jack_Goff (Meath) - 21/09/2017 01:00:38

Meath juniors - 13 Like(s)

Replying To Blackspot09:  "Also I know it's only kilkenny and I expect our lads to win and win well and I understand the Gaa are probably trying to promote football in kilkenny and give them a leg up on the footballing side of things but imo no team in an All Ireland semi final regardless if it's junior or senior should have home advantage. I still expect meath to win but that's my 2 cents worth. Should be neutral venue all the way"
Dublin get home advantage nearly all the time, kerry often up until munster final day too, tipperary as far as the all Ireland quarters get home advantage regularly aswell. It's no big deal.

Jack_Goff (Meath) - 16/07/2017 18:34:45

David Clifford/Keeping young stars - 13 Like(s)

Replying To ziggy320001:  "forgot to mention that a young lad on one of the dev squads told me that if he is good enough for seniors in a few years he will not play for them. that sort of thing is not good. you really do question the motivation of young lads willing to play and be a success for meath. honestly think the huge money invested from the gaa into dublin is having a huge effect on young players in meath."
Of course it is. Why would any young lad be motivated to play with their county in leinster when you will inevitably get walloped by a professional Dublin outfit. Dedicate your whole life around meath just to get embarrassed in croker in from of thousands. If I was good enough in the current gaa world I would decline meath too. I'd still play for my club obviously as I'd enjoy it and I'd also play with meath underage. Underage is at least competitive where Dublin are not light years ahead. To answer the thread. There is definitely something that can be done. And it's called money. If Clifford stays with kerry for a few years I guarantee you it's because he's getting paid. I've heard he will be getting over €100k a year for every season he stays with kerry. Obviously they have much better finances in the kingdom then we do but the reality is that's what has to happen. Pay them or they will leave. I hope Nash enjoys a season or 2 in Australia and then returns home. He could be quite the physical specimen after 2 years as a Pro. I just hope he doesn't stay away for good.

Jack_Goff (Meath) - 19/09/2017 12:22:14

Meath V Tipperary NFL Rd 1 - 13 Like(s)
Can't wait for this. Hopefully we finally achieve promotion this year although we're definitely not the favourites.

Jack_Goff (Meath) - 20/01/2019 15:06:24

Leinster SFC 2019 - 13 Like(s)
Longford, kildare and Dublin all on the other side. Best draw possible. Still not easy on our side since we are poor these days. Obviously we have zero chance of beating Dublin in the final but at least we'll only be 1 qualifier match from the super 8.

Jack_Goff (Meath) - 16/10/2018 17:34:46